HALIFAX -- It may have been sunny throughout the Maritimes on Friday, but the sun was no match for old man winter. With temperatures dipping into the negative double digits, conditions were made even colder factoring in windchill. While most people opted to stay indoors, some Maritimers were forced to be outside; luckily, they had plenty of knowledge on staying warm.

The most major tip on keeping toasty, however, was layering up.

"We got shorts, pants, coveralls, sweater, long sleeve shirt, two jackets, a hat, double-hat, face mask," says window framer, Ryan Schimmel. "You know, you've gotta be prepared."

Those spending a significant amount of time outside, say bundling up in essential – especially pet owners with dogs who require exercise.

"I've got about four or five layers on today, and about three pairs of socks, and about two pairs of leggings under my sweatpants and two sets of mittens," says dog owner, Joella Fletcher.

For some parents, the struggle is real, like Daniel Robert, who has two daughters anxious to be outdoors. On Friday afternoon, the two youngsters were outfitted in parkas, mittens and boots.

"We find other things around the house for sure, but it gets tough," says Robert. "They want to be outside all the time and run around."

With the windchill, parts of the Maritimes felt frigid. Temperatures fell into the minus teens but felt much colder.

For some folks, there's no escaping the elements, promoting one restaurant owner to offer a small gesture by providing a back room and a free hot drink to those who otherwise can't warm up.

"It's just utilizing warm space that we have, that we're not using," says Celtic Corner owner, Jeff McLatchy. "And you know what, a hot cup of coffee? That's easy too."

Fortunately, the sun is predicted to stick around on Saturday and Sunday when temperatures are expected to rise just above zero-degrees – something Maritimers might need after a series of cold days.