HALIFAX -- Thirty-seven dogs have just arrived in Nova Scotia after being rescued from a kill shelter in Georgia.

The dogs’ journey started when Rebecca Evans spotted a picture of a cute canine named Sky on a social media page for Fly With Me Animal Rescue.

“They posted Sky one day and I actually just snapshotted the picture and sent it to my boyfriend and made a little joke that we should get her and he was like yeah, send in the application, and I was like OK!” recalls Evans.

“We read lots of good things about her, a lot of trustworthy sources like the fosters she was staying with in Alabama, and with Fly With Me,” says Justin Stevens.

Fly With Me Animal Rescue is a not-for-profit group that saves dogs from kill shelters. The group has rescued 120 dogs in just a few months.

“They’ve been doing some really great things to bring dogs in from high kill shelters all over the U.S., but mainly Georgia,” says volunteer Alex Shandro.

Volunteers with the charitable group just returned to Nova Scotia after picking up 37 dogs in Georgia, but their cross-border journey was a bit bumpy.

The group faced several challenges, including a broken-down van and a snowstorm that left them stranded at a hotel in Kittery, Me.

“Bring all the dogs in, it was no small ask. There were people who were strangers there who came and helped us for hours at a time,” says Shandro.

But Shandro says the reward of seeing the animals happy and safe was well worth the struggles they faced on the trip.

“The moments that were the highlights were some of them seeing snow for the first time, seeing how playful they were when they finally got outside, just feeling some joy after probably having spent too long in a shelter and facing death row, so it honestly was worth it,” she says.

Eventually, everyone made it to Halifax for the emotional homecoming between the dogs and their new owners.

“The joy that people had when they were meeting their new pups for the first time -- even though those dogs had been through everything -- they were markedly happy to meet their new families and to feel that love from all of them,” says Shandro. “It was a bit of chaos, but it was an amazing moment to be a part of.”

Evans says, when she saw Sky for the first time, she knew it was meant to be.

“Some of the dogs were really nervous and timid -- Sky was not,” says Evans. “She wanted to play with everyone and when she saw us it was like she knew we were picking her up.”