MONCTON -- Moncton's Resurgo Place Museum is now home to a brand new exhibit that is testing out the way we hear.

The exhibit is all in the name: "Sound, Just Sound."

"You can explore sound in ways you never even thought possible," said James Upham, Resurgo's Heritage Development officer.

The immersive experience hails from the Sherbooke Museum of Nature and Science.

"It's super cool!" said Maisaa Altamki."I like the different stuff you can try here."

Whether it's listening to music with your chin, or recording a voiceover to your own movie clip, there's no shortage of ways to experiment or play with sound.

It's also a walk through time, to experience the history of how sound was recorded then and now.

The tour is about hearing sounds with all senses through sight, touch and feel.

It also raises questions such as does silence really exist? Do we all perceive the same sounds? And can you see sound?

"This is the same as a satellite dish, except it's your ears," Upham said. "Instead of satellites, we're just picking up ambient sound."

The exhibit features more than 20 interactive games and experiments.

"Things that sounds do, things that sound has done, human relationships with sound, animal relationships with sound," Upham said.

Some who have passed through say they're beyond impressed.

"I was fascinated with the air, and the way the air works," said Mizan Rahman. "I never knew the sound could do lots of things."

Staff at the Resurgo Place Museum say their goal when anyone walks through this exhibit is to foster curiosity and to have a little fun along the way.

"We want kids to leave this place with things in their head that weren't in there when they came in," Upham said.