HALIFAX -- Spending time with friends has been challenging during the COVID-19 pandemic, but that’s not the case for Sophie Day.

The eight-year-old girl from Dartmouth, N.S., lives with her best friend, Brownie the Rooster.

Sophie and Brownie became friends about a year ago.

“Brownie was dropped off at our house for us to watch him for about a week, while our family went on vacation,” says Sarah Delong, Sophie’s mother.

“From there they formed a bond.”

Sophie takes Brownie everywhere she goes.

“He’s nice and I have a friend,” she says.

“Some of the things I like to do is go on my bike with him. Sometimes me and my dad go in the truck and he comes with us.”

Sarah says she’s surprised at how compliant the rooster is.

“I never thought a rooster would sit on the front of a kayak,” she says.

“She takes him on the flutter board swimming, she drives her little gator tractor and he sits on the seat and just lays down. It’s kind of odd, but it’s cute.”

Brownie has been a constant companion for Sophie at a time when COVID-19 restrictions prevent her from doing normal activities, like go to school or play with her friends.

“I think Brownie has helped Sophie during this time, just giving her a little companion to hang out with,” says Sarah.

“I think pets are important. It’s someone different she can hang out with and do things with besides her parents.”