FIVE ISLANDS, N.S. -- Carol Corbett is in shock and deeply saddened after hearing her friend James Slemp was killed in Belize.

Better known as Jim by many, the 79-year-old man lived off the grid in Fraserville, N.S., and spent the winter months down south working on a farm he owned.

Corbett always looked forward to his return.

"It was always a pleasure for us when Jim would come, he couldn't resist playing the piano," Corbett said. "He would say, you know, 'are you having a party for me this summer?' And I would have a supper party, so that he could see all the people in this area. He touched so many people in this area; he was loved by his community."

Police in Belize say Slemp was last seen on Friday. His body was found on Monday.

"His body was recovered in the lagoon, not too far away from his residence, with apparent injuries to the back," said Joseph Myvett, the head of Belize's National Criminal Investigations Branch.

Foul play is suspected and police say they know Slemp had employees at one point, but can't confirm whether they were working for him at the time he disappeared. 

"Police are seeking one person whom they believe can assist them with this investigation," Myvett said.

Corbett says Slemp bought property in Belize about 15 years ago and he quickly made family out of his friends, and even became a godfather.

"He was a very good friend," Corbett said. "He was quiet, and smart, and really he didn't have a lot of fears, he was confident."

Corbett wants to make sure everyone remembers the Jim Slemp she remembers.

"Family events will never be the same for me," Corbett said. "He always had a place at this table."

As Corbett mourns the death of her friend, she'll continue to check for updates from police in Belize and wait for new information to be released on Slemp's death.