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High chance of thunderstorms with showers for parts of the Maritimes Wednesday


Daytime showers

Both Tuesday and Wednesday will feature seasonal warmth and humidity around the Maritimes. A weak trough of low pressure hangs back over the area from the north and is giving enough lift that some spotty showers are likely to develop. For Tuesday, the chance of a shower is highest in the interior of mainland Nova Scotia and southern areas of New Brunswick. Since the shower development is driven by daytime heating as we move through the evening, they will gradually dissipate and end.

There is mix of sun and cloud on Tuesday in the Maritimes. Isolated showers will develop in the afternoon for parts of southern New Brunswick and the interior of mainland Nova Scotia.

Wednesday thunderstorm potential

Conditions are more favourable for some thunderstorms to develop with pop-up showers for parts of the Maritimes Wednesday.

Western Nova Scotia and New Brunswick will see some isolated showers develop mid-afternoon into early evening. For these areas, there is a low chance some of the showers may develop into small, individual thunderstorms. There is a higher chance of spotty thunderstorms in the northwest of New Brunswick Wednesday.

The most common hazard with any thunderstorms Wednesday will be lightning and brief, localized downpours. The period of highest risk for a thunderstorm will run from about 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. After 8 p.m., they should be in the process of weakening and dissipating.

Wednesday afternoon will also see some scattered showers arrive off the Atlantic for eastern areas of Nova Scotia, including Cape Breton. There is little risk of a thunderstorm with those showers.

There will be a high chance of isolated thunderstorms in northwestern New Brunswick Wednesday. There will also be a lower chance in other areas of New Brunswick and parts of western Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

Late week rain

This run of generally warm and slightly muggy June weather extends into Friday which is when some change is expected to start arriving for the region.

A weather front, associated with a low-pressure system in northern Quebec, moves towards New Brunswick. Rain and showers are expected to develop for that province through the day. The wet weather will reach P.E.I. and Nova Scotia Friday evening and night.

Showers are expected to clear New Brunswick Friday night and early Saturday morning. The wet weather will be lingering into Saturday for both Nova Scotia and P.E.I.

It is early in the forecast to get a good read on potential rain amounts. It does look like it will be highly varied across the Maritimes with some areas seeing as little as two to 10 mm, but others will see as much as 10 to 40 mm. I expect a more consistent read on the rain amounts by Thursday.

A weather front from the west brings rain and showers to New Brunswick Friday. Wet weather will reach Nova Scotia and P.E.I. Friday evening into Saturday. Top Stories

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