HALIFAX -- People working in the lumber industry say their season started early this year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The demand for lumber has been higher than normal for this time of year with many people staying home, tackling home renovation projects to keep them busy.

"Low inventory, as soon as it comes in, it goes out. Slim pickings," said lumber yard supervisor, Barry Bordage.

"There's something about Corona and people being home. Maybe not vacationing like they were planning on but a lot of people are busy," said Randy MacNichol, who owns a lumber yard.

With lumber being in such high-demand, the cost to purchase it has gone up too.

Some say it's too much.

"I think it's pretty evident because of Covid," said Moncton resident Gary Sullivan. "The cost of lumber has more than doubles. I'm in need of lumber right now but I'll be holding off."

Despite many businesses losing money during the COVID-19 pandemic, MacNichol says the increase in demand for lumber has meant nothing but good things for his business during these difficult times.

"I can't help but say the prices going up at the regular stores have absolutely increased my volume here, no question," said MacNichol.

MacNichol says homeowners have been the backbone of sales, and he doesn’t expect the demand to slow down anytime soon.