AUBURN, N.S. -- Hundreds of students who attend West Kings District High School walked out of class Thursday to raise awareness and show support for a fellow classmate who they say was suspended for the wrong reasons.

"It disgusts me, as a student at this school, to see it happen," said David Cormier, a student at West Kings District High School.

Kenzie Thornhill, 17, was handed a five-day suspension earlier this week. According to her, the incident happened one week ago, when she posted a picture to social media.

Thornhill says the photo showed a shirt that another student was wearing, which she felt promoted sexual violence.

This week, Thornhill was suspended by the school and now she is questioning why. According to her, the student who was wearing the shirt has not been disciplined.

"The student that was wearing the shirt, he received no punishment what-so-ever and was just told not to wear that shirt to school ever again," explained Thornhill. "But I am serving a five day suspension."

According to Thornhill, students have been disciplined in the past for not following the school's dress code.

Students who participated in Thursday's walkout say they agree the situation was handled incorrectly.

"It really hit close to home when I found out about this and I knew I had to do something about it," said Cormier.

David Jones is the regional executive director at the Annapolis Valley Regional Centre for Education. In an email to CTV News, he says they have seen the image, but are not able to go into details out of respect for students' privacy.

Jones also says, "Any language that promotes sexual violence is not acceptable. The school administration is reaching out to the student who made the report and will work with them to ensure they feel heard and supported."

Thornhill says she wants the situation sorted out so she can continue with the rest of her final year in high school.

"I want to see the student receive punishment and I want an apology," said Thornhill.

As for the students who participated in the walkout, there has been no word from school officials if they will be disciplined for participating.