History buffs in Atlantic Canada have a chance to purchase an estate that’s more than 170 years old.

The Gillmor Mansion in St. George, N.B. was built by a 19th century Canadian senator and the estate is now up for sale.

Not only can buyers get this historic home, but the purchaser will also get all of the antique items inside.

 The doors of the historic senator Gillmor Estate were opened to the public on Friday with lots of people stopping in to get a peek inside.

"They were lined up to the end of the lawn this morning when we opened at 10," said family member, Dan Gillmor.

This is the first time the 170-year-old home has been put up for sale since being built. The estate has been in the family since it was built and family members say the decision to sell wasn’t an easy one.

"We've had six generations of wonderful memories in this house and we hope that somebody out there somewhere decides they would like to continue making memories here," said Gillmor.

The two-story home was built in 1846 by senator Arthur Hill Gillmor as a wedding present to his wife.

The home includes seven bedrooms, and the property is 4,800 square feet.

"Just the whole ambiance of a home like this, you don’t get that, so when I was a little girl, it was wonderful to be able to run around in a house that size," said Sara Sparks, a family member of the Gillmor's.

Rosslyn Allen visited and played at the Gillmor Estate as a child and says she has fond memories of her time spent there.

"As a kid, going up into the back rooms and so on, I haven't been there since I was a kid, and as a kid, of course, the place was a mammoth and it just went on, and on, and on. So, to come back many years later is special," said Allen.

The sale of the home is not only a chance for shoppers to get a look inside, but to take a piece of New Brunswick history home with them as well.

"It is a fixture right in town. You can't drive down Main St. George and not see the Gillmor estate, so I think that, it's almost like, collectively owned by the town. It's part of us, as opposed to just the Gillmor Family," said Sparks.

The home is currently up for sale for $315,000 and the estate sale is on throughout the weekend.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Laura Lyall