Recent heavy rains have taken their toll on a historic structure in New Brunswick that is now in danger of crumbling into the Bay of Fundy.

Local residents worry if the wharf in Riverside-Albert collapses, a nearby memorial ship will also be damaged.

Shipyard Heritage Park was built in 2006 as a tribute to the community’s shipbuilding past and thousands of tourists visit the park each year.

The ship is a replica of the first ship ever built at the yard.

Carolyn Cavadini and her husband have spent the last 13 summers down the road from the park. She hopes both the wharf and the ship can be saved.

“Very heartbreaking because it’s such a beautiful spot and so many people come here,” she says. “Hopefully they can repair it.”

“It’s important to have these markers, if you will, of this area that was 100 years past,” says Michelle Harvey-Larsen, who owns a gallery nearby.

The Heritage Trust received a grant from the government to build the park but Mary Majka, the president of the Albert County Heritage Trust, says attempts to convince any level of government to help hasn’t panned out.

“Financially, this is impossible for us to do because we are just a non-profit organization that has very little money,” says Majka.

She figures repairs will cost roughly $50,000 and hopes a solution will be found soon, as more rainis in the forecast.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Jonathan MacInnis