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'Hopefully people leave happy': Moncton man combines love of drag, musical theatre in new show


A performer from Moncton, N.B., has combined his love for both musical theatre and drag performances in a new production that's hitting the Maritimes this summer.

"I'm primarily a musical theatre performer. I started doing musicals when I was very, very young and just kind of ran with that," said CJ Norris in an interview with CTV Atlantic. "Over the pandemic, I just binged all the drag race (shows) and I was like, 'I need to be doing this.’”

Norris' new musical, called "Flyin' Solo," first debuted last year, winning him a fan favourite award at the 2021 Fringe Festival. 


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"That was really amazing. I had lots of support from my hometown, I sold out that venue and it was a really exciting first foray into drag," he said. 

Now, Norris plans to take his show on the road, with five performances scheduled across the Maritimes.

Norris says “Flyin’ Solo,” described as a “hilariously heartwarming dragsical,” has something for everyone, with both comedic and meaningful moments.

"It's really intimate, so I love to interact with the audience and feed off of them," said Norris.

He says the unique production comes alive on stage, with colourful costumes and Broadway pop hits with live vocals.

"Flyin' Solo'” will make stops in Charlottetown, Halifax, Sydney, Saint John and Moncton. The full schedule can be found online.

Norris hopes theatre goers will find the show inspiring.

"Hopefully people leave happy and feeling love for themselves and independence.” Top Stories

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