HUBBARDS, N.S. -- Sarah Hare has lost count of how many times she's been almost hit while walking along the main drag in Hubbards, N.S., but the last time was just too much.

"It was very close, it was very close, and I ran home and told Facebook," Hare said.

There are portions of the Bay Road in Hubbards that do have a sidewalk, but it quickly turns into a narrow dirt shoulder, parts of which have been washed out.

"Enough was enough," Hare said. "It was fuelled by a lot of emotion, anger, safety, the need for safety here in our community."

The post prompted people in the community to come forward with their own stories of close calls, including a mother with small children.

"She's had three near misses in the last few months, actually clipping the side of her double stroller," Hare said.

Hubbards resident Matthew Morash says "a lot of us have been individually fighting this fight for a long time and weren't really getting anywhere."

Hubbards is divided by two different municipalities -- the Halifax Regional Municipality and Chester Municipal District.

It is HRM policy that any new sidewalk in a rural area be covered by the community.

The county line -- between Halifax and Lunenburg -- also goes through Hubbards, creating another complication.

"Let's set aside this county line, let's throw apart our differences, and let's move forward as one Hubbards moving towards a common goal of trying to make our community a safer place for our residents," said Morash.

Matt Whitman, the HRM councillor for Hubbards, says he supports new sidewalks being built, but says it will take collaboration with at least two levels of government and possibly all three.

"Places like Hubbards need to be able to re-designate their strip of highway to become a main street, and with that comes a whole bunch of different standards to help make our community a safer place for our residents," Morash said.

Hare says it's not just Hubbards, but all rural communities need safety in the community.

"It unifies us," she said.

Right now, it's a goal bringing Hubbards together.