Hundreds of bikers from around the Maritimes are expected to gather to show their support for a young Cape Breton boy who has been bullied at school.

The bikers will come together Wednesday to drive Grade 4 student Xander Rose to school as a way to support him and other victims of bullying.

Xander is 10 years old and has always wanted to be a biker, but he says bullies are making fun of his weight, and for wearing a leather jacket to school.

“Everybody at that school, they just pick on me, except for my little brother and only friend at that school,” says Xander.

Xander goes to school at Harbourside Elementary, and says he can hardly wait for the school year to be over.  

“People make bad comments about my weight, my look, my clothes,” says Xander. “It's not a good year.”

Xander says the bullying has been happening for years, but his mother says recently, it’s taken a turn for the worst.

“There have been racial slurs made to him, disgustingly sexual comments, language my child certainly doesn't hear in my home,” says Katie Laybolt. “He's gotten jumped on the bus, clothing ripped off his back. He's been told to go die in a hole.”

Laybolt says she's contacted the school, the board, and even gone to parents, but says nothing has been done to make things better for her son.

Now, Xander's love for motorcycles has people lining up to help. Around 30 members of the biking community showed up for Monday’s practice run.

“I'm hoping he knows from now on, if somebody bullies him, he's got somebody to go to. He can look on the corner of any street, he's going to find a leather vest,” says biker Mike Basso. “He's now one of our brothers.”

Hundreds of bikers are planning to gather at Xander’s home Wednesday and drive him to school.

“Upon arriving, we are going to dismount our bikes at the Holy Redeemer parking lot and are going to form two lines, one on each side of Xander, and we are going to walk him to the front door,” says Basso.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Kyle Moore.