Trinity Dlamini is not your average teen.

The bubbly and positive 13-year-old is an athlete, a volunteer, a musician, a film maker, and an ‘A’ student.

Trinity was nominated for the Hurricanes Hero award by her basketball coach Maureen MacDonald.

“I have been a community basketball coach for 23 years,” says Maureen. “Once in a while someone special comes along that sparks my enthusiasm beyond normal. Trinity Dlamini is that person.”

Trinity plays on two basketball teams: the West Pictou Wolverines and the U14 Pictou County Raptors.

Her coach says she excels at anything she puts her mind to and has shown impressive improvements in basketball.

When she’s not on the court Trinity laces up her cleats to play soccer. She says the two sports go hand-in-hand.

“I feel like soccer helps a lot with foot movement,” says Trinity. “On the court on defence it’s really important to keep your feet moving and soccer teaches you to have a lot of control.”

In addition to her time spent playing sports, Trinity volunteers for various community organizations, plays the drums at her church, and maintains an ‘A’ average in school.  

When she grows up, Trinity says she’d like to be a film director.

“I really was always intrigued with videography and ever since I was little I’d play with cameras.”

Trinity has already been recognized for a film she’s produced. She received the ‘Buddy’ Daye award when she made a short film about Viola Desmond for the African Nova Scotia Historic Challenge.

“It’s a good idea to make stories or tell the stories of the people who have made an impact in our province and in our country,” says Trinity. “The Viola Desmond video was really just the perfect way to tell her story to more people.”

Hurricanes player Joel Kindred says seeing fans like Trinity inspires him to be a better player.

“It’s great, gives you motivation, a reason to keep going every day, a reason to play the game we love,” says Joel.

Congratulations Trinity, our Hurricanes Hero.