CTV and the Halifax Hurricanes are celebrating the youth in our community.

This month’s Hurricanes Hero is 18-year-old Zak Gorman from Lr. Sackville, N.S.

As a grade 10 student, Zak was tall and generally athletic. He’d watched his mother, Tanya, play basketball since he was a baby and he decided he wanted to follow in her footsteps. He tried out for his high school team, but didn’t make the cut.

Tanya encouraged him by reminding her son that Michael Jordan didn’t make the varsity team in his sophomore year of high school. Zak put in the work and his determination paid off when he made the team in Grade 11.

As a member of the high school team, Zak was no longer eligible to play in his community league. Instead, he gave up his Friday nights and Saturdays to help coach and support the young players.

Now, a grade 12 student, Zak is the captain of his Millwood High basketball team and is outperforming any expectations he had as a player. Zak enjoys mentoring his younger teammates, especially those in Grade 9, who look up to him (literally and figuratively).

Zak hopes to be recruited so he can play university basketball next year.

Congratulations Zak, our Hurricanes Hero.