HALIFAX -- CTV and the Halifax Hurricanes are celebrating the youth in our community.

This month’s Hurricanes Hero is 17-year-old Charlotte Peng from Wolfville, N.S., a remarkable young person with an astonishing list of accolades.

"I've been involved as a youth advocate, such as the RCMP national youth council," said Charlotte.

The Wolfville teen does all this while holding the highest average in her grade at Horton High School, but this isn't your average teenager.

She is quite involved in her community – working to make positive change as part of student council and the Me To We Club, among many other ventures.

"She is a leader in her community and I am so proud of her," says Charlotte's mom, Gwen Peng.

Halifax Hurricanes coach Mike Leslie is happy to see young people thinking of the future.

"It's just very inspiring, to run into young people like this," Leslie said. "It just gives you such positive hope and energy. As an older person in the community, to know that these are the kinds of people that are coming to take care of us down the road."

When she's not spending time on her many extracurricular activities, you can find Charlotte Peng hanging with Dorothy Robbins, her 99-year-old best friend.

"She lives down the road from me, and she's very quick and witty," Charlotte said.

Charlotte isn't sure what the future holds for her, but she plans to go to university and is considering a double major in biology and math.