BRIDGEWATER, N.S. -- There's a special bond between Eva Wile and the Mounties in Bridgewater, N.S.

The 85-year-old says a twist of fate led her to the local RCMP detachment 40 years ago.

"My husband bought me a '79 white T-Bird for my birthday," Wile said. "That was in October, so I went for a drive and I thought, 'What can I do? I'm so proud of my car.' I said 'I'm going to go into the Mountie station!!"

After showing off her new wheels to the RCMP officers that fall, she followed by bringing them a wreath for Christmas and has continued that tradition since 1979 -- developing a long-lasting friendship.

"They've been so good to me, and I feel like they're my family and if I ever needed them, I know they'd be there for me, but I never bother them for anything," Wile said.

Cpl. Ted Munro remembers meeting Wile at the musical ride in Bridgewater 10 years ago.

He says her positive presence and small gestures bring big smiles to his face and to everyone at the detachment.

"It's a tough career sometimes," Munro said. "You're always dealing with people who are not always happy to see you, and sometimes in difficult situations, so it's always a fun day when she visits. We call her our super-fan; she likes to take photos with us and brings us treats, she's part of the family, she celebrates with us, and she mourns with us."

When tragedy struck and fellow members were killed in the line of duty in Mayerthorpe, Alta., and Moncton, Wile travelled to offer her heartfelt condolences in-person.

"They couldn't believe that I came out to Alberta to visit in winter to visit the RCMP station," Wile said.

"It's nice that it's not just Lunenburg County, as well, that she's spreading her love around the whole country," Wile said.

And as for her next detachment visit?

"There's a few around Halifax I'd like to go to," Wile said.