A woman says she was assaulted in her own home by someone claiming to be with Statistics Canada.

She believed it wouldn't be a problem opening her door to someone with proper identification, but what she says happened, has left her shaken.

It was a house call Marilyn Stockley says she will never forget.

The man who claimed he was from Statistics Canada said he was conducting a labour survey.

She says it went very wrong, very quickly. 

"He found out during the interview that I was single and I live alone," Stockley said. "When we finished the interview, he had that knowledge and everything got really weird."

Stockley says the conversation became awkward and then turned physical.

"He hugged me. He put his arms around me and he had his hands up my back and he pulled me into his chest," Stockley said. "I could feel my breast being squashed against my chest and he tried to kiss me. I turned my head and he kissed the side of my face and I started to cry and he left."

Stockley says she has lost her sense of security and is now afraid to be alone in her own home.

"I'm scared, I was afraid," she said. "I feel violated, I feel very violated."

A spokesperson for Statistics Canada says they are investigating the allegations and says they don't tolerate harassment of any kind.

In a statement to CTV News they say:

All Statistics Canada employees are expected to abide by our code of conduct and the Values and Ethics Code of the Public Sector, including when interacting with members of the public. Depending on the outcome of the investigation we will take appropriate measures.”

Cape Breton Regional Police are also investigating, confirming Wednesday they did respond to a report of alleged inappropriate conduct between a citizen and an individual believed to be conducting a survey.

Stockley says she does plan to press charges against the man, but is warning others about opening their doors to strangers when they're alone.

"I have my neighbours and my friends watching my house and watching my address and trying to help me," Stockley said."I'm afraid to open my door."