RIVERVIEW, N.B. -- The images are disturbing in a video that appears to show two young females being repeatedly assaulted by a group of girls in Riverview, New Brunswick.

The video is especially hard to watch for Erica Perry, the mother of one of the girls that was attacked last Friday in Riverview.

“My daughter showed me and I couldn’t continue watching it,” says Perry. “It was so heart wrenching, knowing that I couldn’t be there to help her.”

Perry says her 12-year-old daughter and a friend were on their way to a park near Riverview High School, when they were randomly attacked by a group of girls.

CTV News has not independently verified the authenticity of the video, but Perry says the video, which appears to show her daughter punched and kicked repeatedly, was widely circulated on social media.

Now Perry’s daughter is recovering at home with a jaw injury and a concussion, while her mother is waiting to see what consequences will be handed out to the attackers.

“I want to see those kids charged, and know that this is not acceptable, and we won’t stop until it’s dealt with,” says Perry, who believes her daughter’s attackers attend Riverview High School.

The Anglophone East School District say they are working with the RCMP to identify the people involved in the incident, which took place outside of school hours and off school property.

In a letter to parents, the acting superintendent said that student safety remains a priority, but questions about any disciplinary action against the students involved have gone unanswered.

Perry says she hopes speaking out will focus attention on bullying, so no other mother will have to see their daughter in a video like this.