SYDNEY MINES, N.S. -- Vandalism has the owner of a home in Cape Breton speaking out in hopes of catching the culprits.

From wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling, the damage stretches throughout Wayne MacDougall's house . 

"I was devastated," said MacDougall. "It was quite shocking to walk in and think someone would do this to your property."

MacDougall's Sydney Mines home was empty and in the process of being sold. The closing date was scheduled for next week, but now the sale is off, and MacDougall is out more than $50,000.

He says his insurance policy doesn't cover the damage.

"I had renovated it to get it ready for sale," MacDougall said. "And it doesn't matter that I was here every day working on it. They're telling me because nobody was sleeping here I'm not covered."

MacDougall says he has contacted Cape Breton Regional Police and that they are investigating. He also says his house here is not the only one that was vandalized in the neighbourhood.

"Fraser Avenue and Queen Street, and again nothing has been taken in either of these, but there's significant damage done inside to the residences as well," said Cape Breton Regional Police spokesperson Desiree Magnus. "So, we are doing extra patrols in the area to try and identify people who may be responsible."

Police say the targeted homes are those that are under renovation or waiting to be sold.

MacDougall is hoping someone will come forward.

"I did all the work myself," MacDougall said. "It's devastating. You put your heart and soul into it and try to get ahead a bit, and someone comes in and is able to do this."

Besides the mangled Gyprock, MacDougall says the main floor was flooded, there's electrical damage, and most of the windows have been smashed.

He says no idea where to turn next.

"I don't know what recourse I have," MacDougall said. "Everything I had, I put into this. I actually borrowed money to fix it up to get it ready to sell. I don't know what happens next."

Police have collected some information from witnesses in the area, but so far, no one has been arrested.