TRURO, N.S. -- The owners of a new business in Truro, N.S. hope you get mug’d.

Colin Bagnell is the co-owner of IgotMUG'd, an online business specializing in creating and distributing uplifting mugs.

“IgotMUG’d is a unique way to send somebody a message, whether it is inspirational, heartfelt, or hilarious. You send somebody a message, it comes on a mug, and the back of it says IgotMUG’d by the person who sent it to the other person,” says Bagnell.

Bagnell and his partner design, print, and ship the mugs out of their home.

“We’re sending them to B.C., California, everywhere in between,” says Bagnell.

“Right now, (we) have 400 graphics on our website. That number increases every week, so we’re always thinking of new things to put on. After they put the order in, we receive it, we get to work on it right away. Normally the mugs are ready in a couple of days and we package them securely for shipping and send them out through the mail.”

Bagnell says his company is all about changing people’s day in a positive way.

“The positive messages, it’s what we do, it’s what our brand is,” he says.

“The feedback that we’ve got is 100 per cent positive. People really like the idea, they like the size of the mug too, it’s got a big handle on it.”

Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil and Dr. Robert Strang, the province’s chief medical officer of health, were sent a set of mugs at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, when the phrase “Stay the blazes home” became infamous.

“We mug’d them and just a couple of days ago we got a nice message back from them with a photo of the premier with his mug. So, that was nice.”