HALIFAX -- It has been more than a week since New Brunswick teen Lexi Daken died by suicide.

The region has been hard hit by the loss of the Grade 10 student. However, Lexi’s community has rallied around her family in the wake of her death.

"This whole campaign and fundraising is really about being there for the family and showing them the community really cares. Like, I don't know the Daken family personally, but I do know that mental health has touched us all," said Josh Paul, who organized an online auction, with the proceeds going directly to the Daken family.

Understanding the pain of losing a loved one, Paul says he wants to keep the conversation going about Lexi and mental health.

"I think just bringing awareness and keeping Lexi's name in the news, and making some serious change, because I don't think there's anyone out there that hasn't been personally affected by mental health. Directly or indirectly, you know someone," said Paul.

Marty Forsythe is the general manager of the Oromocto Silverbacks, a fastball team that used to compete against Lexi. Forsythe organized a draw for the Daken family Saturday morning, which quickly sold out.

"I was all sold by 10:45, so that alone brought in $3,080 and then I had some people give me some donations," said Forsythe. "One person gave me $1,000 and one gave me $500, so I've got about $4,700 to give to the family."

Forsythe says Lexi’s death has been difficult for coaches and teams throughout the region.

"That stuff, no matter who it is, it affects you if you're close to kids that age," said Forsythe. "Stuff like that really shouldn't happen."

Forsythe says all of the proceeds he’s raised will go to Lexi's family, to be used however they wish.