The Town of New Glasgow, N.S. is being portrayed in a negative light online, but residents are taking the criticisms in stride. They say, if the bloggers had actually visited the town, their criticisms might hold more weight.

“Some of the more recent reports are nothing short of ridiculous, because they are not based on any fact at all,” says Jack Kyte, executive director of the Pictou County Chamber of Commerce.

MoneySense magazine has consistently ranked New Glasgow as one of the worst places to live in Canada. Now, a website called Cities Journal says New Glasgow is one of the top 15 places to move away from in Canada, citing high unemployment and a high crime rate.

New Glasgow Deputy Mayor Jack Lewis, who also heads up the police commission, takes exception to the crime stats.

“I see the reports every month and we’re policing 13,000 people and probably another 15 or so that come into our town every day. Things go smoothly,” says Lewis.

Perhaps the most upsetting survey is one by a group called Immigration Law Services.

It rates New Glasgow number one on a list of the eight worst places to move to in Canada. The writer even asks how residents can stand it, saying they must have all been born there.

Ross Hamid moved to New Glasgow from India more than 35 years ago. He served 20 years on town council and says he has never regretted staying.

“We can do certain things, all within a certain radius and bring up families, that’s the most important thing, and the people, our sense of community was strong, gave us pride,” says Hamid.

New Glasgow-based Velsoft exports training software to 162 countries and was recently named Nova Scotia Business Inc.’s top exporter for 2013. The company could set up shop anywhere, but business owner Jim Fitt likes the quality of life in the Pictou County town.

“It’s a community in the greatest sense of community,” says Fitt. “I mean, we have a smaller population, but because of that, we enjoy a much friendlier environment.”

Residents say, if the bloggers would only visit their town, they would see it’s not so bad after all.

“Anything to get them here because once they get here, they’ll realize it is pretty good here,” says New Glasgow resident Dave White.

“We do have our problems like anywhere else, but this is a good place to live."

With files from CTV Atlantic's Dan MacIntosh