MIRA, N.S. -- A Cape Breton man has been making hay while the sun shines' with millions of people around the world watching his viral video.

"Wanna go TikTok viral?" said Kent Peters. "Film yourself doing something interesting."

In a barn in the middle of the woods in Mira, Peters did the simplest thing on social media and it has earned him the attention of millions worldwide.

"Four point nine million views and 19,000 followers in seven days," Peters said.

Talk about 15 minutes of fame?

A TikTok video runs on average, about fifteen seconds and all each one shows is Peters cutting open a bale of hay.

Somehow though, it's resonating with people.

"The sound of cutting open the bale, people love it," Peters said. "The word 'satisfying' was used about 100 times, and a lot of people thought it was a marshmallow."

The dozens of bales of hay in the stable Peters operates along with his wife, do kind of look like giant marshmallows.

He says many of the comments he's received have been in Russian, German and Chinese.

After translating them, he realized some others had their own interpretations of what they were seeing.

"A few people thought it was weed, which is, I mean, that's a lot of weed," Peters said. "Some people thought it was cheese.   mean if it was cheese, it would arguably be worth more than weed, cuz I mean, cheese is expensive right!"

Peters' other main passion is Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and he's put plenty of videos out on social media about that too.

Somehow though, they haven't attracted a fraction of the attention as cutting open a bale of hay.

"I've been making jiu-jitsu videos for seven years, and I have 30,000 followers," Peters said. "Putting out something that I thought was of value, and then I cut open a marshmallow, and I get 19,000 followers.  Like, it's kinda weird, right?"

So why would a video like this go viral?

Maybe the secret is in its simplicity.

"What do people not see on a regular basis, ya know?" Peter said.

He doesn't have a clue what his next video will be, but Peters says stay tuned because it could be anything.

"I just keep putting content out," Peters said.