FREDERICTON -- Juno Award winner and New Brunswicker David Myles is jumping online to lend his voice to promoting Fredericton Tourism.  

The singer moved back to his home province after the pandemic began, realizing a lot of his and his wife's work could be done remotely.

"It's a natural fit, I'm not on tour right now obviously, obviously we're not touring a ton, it's just been such a nice thing to reconnect with the city," Myles said.

After building his music career and living in Halifax, the singer now spends time exploring the city he grew up in, and singing Fredericton's praises.

"What's amazing about this city is how connected to these beautiful natural environments like O'Dell Park, like the river, biking along the river, canoeing, kayaking, all that stuff," he said.

"The beer scene is really great, the local breweries, all that stuff is really special."

Fredericton Tourism seized the opportunity with the 'Myles From Home' Podcast and YouTube channel creator to devote content to the city.

"We kind of came together and got this idea of the 'My Fredericton,' is what we're calling the video series, and it's really just David talking about everything he loves to do in his hometown," said Holly Kirkpatrick with Fredericton Tourism.
The video content will be available on both Myles' and Fredericton Tourism's social media channels.

"My main goal is to convey my genuine enthusiasm for the city, I've traveled a lot, I've lived in a lot of different places, I have two young kids, raising a family here so that's the perspective I can speak on," Myles said. "And it's a real enthusiasm I don't fake it, this is a city I love."

Myles will release a new album of instrumental music this summer, and hopes the pandemic will be in a place which he can resume touring by the fall.