HALIFAX -- The family of a missing toddler from Truro, N.S. is once again pleading for information on his whereabouts and increasing the reward for his safe return.

"As the days go by it gets worse," said Jason Ehler, Dylan's dad. "It gets heavier, you get more lost, and you get more spaced out. You just don’t know what to do. Then you get angry, you feel like it's quiet and nobody's looking."

Three-year-old Dylan Ehler was last seen May 6 while playing at his grandmother's house in Truro.

His grandmother became distracted for a moment and when she turned around, he was gone.

Within minutes, police and neighbours were searching the area around her property, including a nearby brook and river – but there were no signs of Dylan.

That evening the toddler’s boots were found in two separate areas, one along Lepper Brook and one near the Salmon River.

"They were found seven hours later so, that doesn’t make sense either," explained Jason. "Someone could have just chucked them there but they focused all on the water, all in that one area."

In the days that followed, an extensive search was launched by police, fire and Search and Rescue.

Infrared cameras, a helicopter and a drone were all used as the search focused in and around the Salmon River.

Nearly three months later and with no sign of their son, the family hasn’t ruled out the possibility of a kidnapping.

"All we do is look for Dylan," said Dylan's mother Ashley Brown. "That's all we can focus on. That's all we've been doing. It's indescribable, it's a nightmare, and it's nothing that anybody should have to go through."

"We still don’t have anything besides boots in the stream hours later. So for us, it's anything's an options. Everything's an option," she adds.

Dylan's family was originally offering a $10,000 reward for information that could help find him.

On Monday that reward was increased to $15,000.

"We really want to keep Dylan's name out there and his face out there because he hasn’t been found," said Ashley. "And we're really pleading for the public's help to keep their eyes and their ears open, in the waters, on the shores, if any neigbours or friends have maybe heard of a new child that’s a random boy that they've just gotten."

"We really want to just keep him out there. We don't want him to be forgotten."

In addition to looking for information into their son's whereabouts, Ashley and Jason are also asking people to stop stealing from the makeshift memorial set up for Dylan.

"Today I come and there's plants missing out of the plant pots. Someone's stealing his flowers, and a few months ago, a whole plant pot was stolen," said Jason.

"It breaks your heart that someone is coldhearted enough to do something like that. Shame on them."

Anyone with information into the whereabouts of Dylan Ehler is asked to contact police or Crime Stoppers.