Hundreds, dressed as their favourite superheroes, attended an annual fundraiser on Sunday in memory of a young Cape Bretoner who died of cancer.

Caleb MacArthur, who passed away at the age of three, often dressed as his favourite superheroes even during his battle with cancer.

Since Caleb’s passing his parents have organized ‘Caleb’s Courage Walk, Run and Fly.’

"We can feel Caleb here with us today,” said Caleb’s mother, Nicole Forgeron-MacArthur. “In every child we see smiling, in every child we see dancing, jumping, running and playing, we feel his spirit here with us."

For its third year, attendees walked (ran or flew) a wooded path adorned with pictures of other children who have battled or are battling cancer.

Caleb’s mother said the event isn’t about cancer, it focusses on more than the illness itself.

“It’s an event about the kids who have cancer, celebrating their stories, their lives, their battles and their journeys all along the way."

The event was uplifting as the MacArthurs intended, and while tiny bright coloured capes danced in the wind, some said Sunday’s event was necessary to garner strength for tougher days.

"You don't recover from something like we've been through,” said Caleb’s father, Mike MacArthur. “You kind of just learn to survive and the way the community has come together and our family and our friends, it's helping us get through this."

The MacArthurs started the ‘Caleb’s Courage’ movement as a way to help other families dealing with childhood illnesses, like those who reached out to them when Caleb was sick.

"All of that horror comes to this moment of them sharing, and making things better for other families, how can you not admire that and support that?" said Kimberley Kennedy.

"You certainly feel for those who have gained their wings,  but you also feel a great amount of hope, that there's a community like this that's out there to support,” said Ken Martell.

Caleb’s mother said the support she’s seen from her community is overwhelming.

"It's extremely emotional, when you think about it, that our little boy has inspired this much support and love in our community.”

So far, ‘Caleb’s Courage’ has raised nearly $28,000 to help other superheroes alike, keeping his legacy of courage alive.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Ryan MacDonald.