HALIFAX -- Buying and selling items online is something many people do without thinking twice.

But maybe we should after some women say they've been threatened after trying to sell a prom dress online.

"I'm scared to walk to school," said Abbie Phillips. "I'm just scared he's going to actually show up."

When Phillips posted an ad on Kijiji trying to sell her prom dress, she never imagined she would end up being threatened by a man she didn't know.

"He asked when we could come see it, and then asked for my address and me not thinking anything of it, I gave him it and he said, 'Now that I have your address, if you hang up, you'll be very f---ing sorry,'" Phillips said.

Scared someone could show up, Phillips reported the incident to the RCMP and left her home for the night.

"You grow up and get told stranger-danger, but you don't think anything of it, and then it actually happens to you and then yeah, it's scary," Phillips said.

According to the RCMP, Phillips isn't the only one in this situation.

In fact, there are seven reported incidents in the Halifax area where a female posted an ad on Kijiji looking to sell a prom dress and was contacted by a man who allegedly threatened them.

"No caller ID, don't pick it up and if it's a guy talking about a prom dress, don't, it's a scary, scary thing," Phillips said.

The RCMP are encouraging anyone who may be posting an item for sale on social media to avoid using photos that may provide details of their identity and address.

If you do meet someone to buy or sell an item, meet in a public place.

"If you have had these threats happen to you already and you're scared, if there's any issue, if you notice anything near your residence, if you're worried about someone coming to your residence, call the police if you notice anything suspicious," said Nova Scotia RCMP spokeswoman Cpl. Lisa Croteau. 

The RCMP are encouraging anyone who may have been threatened to contact them immediately.