The IWK Health Centre has confirmed chief financial officer Stephen D’Arcy has resigned.

In a statement, IWK board of directors chair Karen Hutt said, “In order for the organization to move forward and ensure confidence around both the Nova Scotia Auditor General’s review and the police investigation, we have accepted this resignation.”

D'Arcy had been on paid leave since a third-party review began on the expenses of former CEO Tracy Kitch, who billed the hospital for more than $47,000 in personal expenses, some of which have not been repaid.

“The board is very mindful of the fact that whenever we are dealing with circumstances involving peoples’ lives and careers, we need to take great care when considering all factors in addition to human; including legal, financial and professional,” Hutt said in the statement. “Given the circumstances with which we have been faced in recent months, this outcome is in the best interest of all parties.”

The IWK board has seconded Amanda Whitewood to serve as interim chief financial officer for a period of six months.

Last week, Halifax Regional Police confirmed they have received files and paperwork regarding Kitch’s expenses and are investigating the matter. Nova Scotia Auditor General Michael Pickup also announced last week he will conduct a performance and financial audit of the IWK’s books and practices.

Kitch was told to repay the expenses she owed by the end of September. The IWK says there’s still $10,000 outstanding.