The IWK says it has received the final $10,000 owed to them by former CEO Tracy Kitch.

Kitch expensed $47,000 to the hospital that was later deemed personal. She was expected to pay it all back before the end of September.

With $10,000 outstanding by October, the hospital threatened to make a legal claim against Kitch in an attempt to recoup the money.

In a statement, the IWK said it is “good to put this matter behind us.”

Meanwhile, the IWK Foundation – which is separate from the hospital itself – is concerned about how this scandal is harming their efforts. To date, the foundation says there hasn’t been a decline in donations and they want to keep it that way.

Foundation CEO Jennifer Gillivan made its role and responsibilities very clear in an open letter, published in the Chronicle Herald and community newspapers. The letter highlights the foundation is a not-for-profit, governed by a separate board of trustees.

"Martimters can be confident that their donations go directly to support patient care and not the day-to-day operations of the IWK Health Centre," the statement reads.

Gillivan says she wanted to reach out to Maritimers and educate them on what the foundation does.

“We just didn't want the last couple of months to overshadow all the great work that's been happening and all the great work the community's done to build this organization," says Gillivan.

The full-page spread was a gift from the Chronicle Herald. Given the opportunity to use the space, the IWK Foundation thought it would be a good chance to reach people in a different way and change the conversation. The open letter is signed by current and former board members of the IWK Foundation.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Heather Butts.