The IWK Health Centre has confirmed it has not received the final amount owed to them by former CEO Tracy Kitch and the hospital is now pursuing legal action.

Kitch resigned in August amid an investigation into her expenses. A review found that she billed the hospital for more than $47,000 in personal expenses, including more than $26,000 in flight passes and $1,900 in car rentals. There were also charges of $161 for iTunes and $9.99 for movies.

The IWK says they had made it clear to Kitch through written communication that they expected her to repay any outstanding amounts by the end of September. The hospital says she still owes $10,000 to the hospital.

Because of that, the IWK is now pursuing a legal claim against Kitch to reclaim the remaining money.

A hospital spokesperson says the IWK has just begun the claim process.

At the end of August, Tracy Kitch still owed $22,000, so we know she has been paying off the remainder even during the month of September, but not all.