WILLIAMSTOWN, N.B. -- A New Brunswick couple who tested positive for the virus is speaking out to emphasize the need to keep social circles small, especially heading into the holidays.

Friday was the last day of self-isolation for Kelsey Seymour and Andrew Derier after they tested positive for COVID-19.

The two say their results came in about a week after a pre-sympomatic family member stopped by their Williamstown, N.B., home for a quick visit while the region was in the yellow phase.

"We weren't sitting right next to each other or anything like that, but you know there was a couple things that were handed back and forth," said Seymour and Derier."I had a new book and said check this out, just casual things, which you don't think anything about when you're in your house."

While Derier experienced milder symptoms, Seymour says hers were more serious --- with congestion, sore throat, headache, body aches, extreme exhaustion and brain fog.

"I just couldn't really concentrate or process information," Seymour said. "It felt like I didn't really have my short-term memory, it was like disconnected or something."

She also experienced the tell-tale loss of taste and smell --- which is what prompted them to go and get tested.

The couple is now sharing their story to emphasize the importance of small circles.

"We wanted to humanize it, to let people know that every case is different, not everyone has the same symptoms and to really encourage people to get tested, stay home when they're sick and keep their circles small," said Seymour and Derier.