HALIFAX -- A woman in Nova Scotia’s Kings County was arrested after police say she repeatedly called 911 for reasons that were not emergencies on New Year's Eve.

The RCMP say the 46-year-old Cambridge, N.S., woman was issued a ticket after calling 911 a second time.

Despite the warning, they say she continued to call 911, and was eventually arrested on New Year's Day, after her sixth call.

"I believe the level of intoxication in this case is the main ingredient behind the persistent calling," Const. Jeff Wilson of the Kings District RCMP told CTV News.

Wilson did not say why exactly the woman kept phoning 911, but described the reasons for her calls as "trivial and frivolous in nature."

"New Year's Eve is typically a very busy night for first responders and any time you call 911 when it's not an emergency, you potentially endanger someone in your community,” said Wilson in a news release about the incident.

“Every non-emergency call involves 911 operators and every second counts in emergency situations. RCMP Nova Scotia urges the public to avoid misuse of 911 and to discourage it in others. It's vital to the safety and health of the community.”

The fine for misusing 911 is $697.50 in Nova Scotia.