A group of ladies in Halifax are hoping to do away with stereotypes about women and beer.

The Ladies Beer League is not about segregating genders, instead, it is about making the beer community more equally represented by both sexes.

“It is just a social club to promote education and drinking of local beer. It is all about getting women involved in the beer drinking industry,” says member Lindsay MacPhee.

Five women are behind the Ladies Beer League or LBL for short.

The women come from different backgrounds, but all share a love of hops.

“Growing up, after 19, I just assumed beer came out of a bottle and what happened before that was irrelevant to me,” says member Lori McKinnon.

McKinnon joined the Ladies Beer League when it started in the summer of 2013.

The education the club serves up has changed her appreciation of beer and the drinking experience.

“You get more interested and find out more about what exactly goes into making a beer,” says McKinnon.

Karen Allen isn't a member of the league, but is a head brewer. She applauds the league for what it's done to increase interest in craft beer.

“People aren't afraid to try an unfiltered, very hoppy, out there beer anymore,” says Allen. “The fact that they are educating people on the craft beer industry is great for everybody producing craft beer, because it means more people are going to consume our product.”

The first official membership launch took place Wednesday night. Several dozen people signed up and the ladies beer league is no longer just for women.

“As long as you are above 19 years of age, you're welcome to join in,” says

Jim Cyr reviews beers on his YouTube channel, he is also a male member of the ladies league.

“I think they really know how to make a good event, where you not only learn more about the beer you're drinking, but also in a good atmosphere where you can enjoy yourself and make some new friends,” says Cyr.

With files from CTV Atlantic''s Kelland Sundahl