LAKE ECHO, N.S. -- There's increasing frustration and concerns in one Halifax-area community.

Bears continue to roam and rummage through Lake Echo, N.S., and people who live in the area are fed up.

Lisa Foggoa captured a video of a bear roaming through her neighbourhood Monday night.

"I heard my green bin fall over and so I jumped up, and I was on my deck and I looked and she kinda of looked at me," Foggoa said. "God, they're so much bigger close up, you don't even realize."

Residents in the Mountainview Estates area have been dealing with bears for years.

This past spring, the municipality and Lands and Forestry launched a "locked green cart" survey project in hopes it would resolve the problem -- but it hasn't. 

"He was here last night, he knocked over our green bin," said Lisa Arbuckle, who adds the claw marks and broken locks on her bin is extremely concerning with many children and pets living in the area.

Area councillor David Hendsbee says it's time to start weighing other options.

"Is there another type of lock device? Or maybe we have to go to more centralized containers that are more bear-proof," Hendsbee said. "It's getting late in the season to try to relocate the bears, I know there is a bear trap set up in the park trying to capture the bear but the only problem though, this late in the season, if Natural Resources capture the bear, it would probably be euthanized."

Said Arbuckle: "I don't think shooting them is an option because they're only doing what we're trying to do, which is live their life -- we're giving them a buffet of green bins. Honestly, I think the best solution is to get rid of the green bins entirely and put them somewhere else."

Foggoa wants to see something done before it's too late because she's worried someone is going to get hurt.

"Last week was probably the worst when I had Molly, we were out here playing," Foggoa said.

"I was scared when I saw the bear," said Molly Campbell.

Officials are asking residents to remain vigilant and to continue tracking sightings and green bin attacks as they work to come up with a solution.