A couple from Windsor, N.S., is still shaking their heads after a sizable chunk of ice slammed into their car, causing a significant amount of damage.

Wes and Andrea Benedict were doing yard work Friday afternoon when they heard a big bang.

“Sounded like a shotgun,” Wes Benedict said. “When I got to the car I realized what had happened.”

Benedict says he was shocked to find the ice in his vehicle, which seemingly came out of nowhere.

“I looked in the car and then I could see several pieces, some as big as my fist. The others were like golf ball size," said Wes Benedict.

Andrea Benedict didn't believe her husband at first, but when she saw the car, she looked at her son and felt a chill.

“He was in the car a few minutes prior to that," she said.

The couple believes the ice chunk must have come from something travelling to smash a hole through the window.

“People say airplanes sometimes drop ice, or possibly just large hailstones," said Wes Benedict.

They do see planes of all sizes flying overhead from time to time, but haven’t given it much thought until now.

"It's scary,” said Andrea Benedict. “It could've went through the house, it could've hit one of us."

The family plans to contact their auto insurer on Tuesday and then the airport to see if they can get an explanation.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Ron Shaw.