The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission has given the go-ahead to reload fuel at Atlantic Canada's only nuclear power plant.

In a news release Thursday, the commission says NB Power has fulfilled all of the conditions for a fuel reload at the newly refurbished reactor at Point Lepreau in New Brunswick.

It says a team of onsite staff and technical experts conducted a number of inspections and reviews and found steps have been taken to protect the public, workers and the environment.

The commission says under its licence conditions the plant must seek three additional approvals before it can be brought back to full power.

Earlier this month the utility completed the installation of all of the plant's 760 lower feeders, which are used to transport water to and from the reactor's fuel channels.

The fefurbishment is three years behind schedule and $1 billion over the original budget of $1.4-billion.

NB Power says it expects the plant will be operational by the fall.