MONCTON, N.B. -- There's a little less rush in the Moncton rush hour these days – and a little less pollution from some who are choosing a new way to commute.

The causeway that connects Riverview and Moncton is being replaced with a bridge and, with at least six months to go, commuters are bracing for extra traffic on their route to work.

An exception is Matthew Brocke, who has decided to bike from Riverview to Moncton as part of his daily commute.

"It just seemed faster to me then waiting 30-50 minutes in traffic," said Brocke.

Now he's able to get to Moncton in half that time, all while reducing his carbon footprint.

"Once I knew the bridge was closing down, I was like 'I should just go out and buy a second bike and have that as my commuter bike,'" Brocke said.

According to Jim's Bike Shop in Moncton, more and more people like Brocke are taking up cycling this year.

"We're seeing … probably a 25 per cent increase, just from people from Riverview wanting to commute back and forth to work on a regular basis," said Jim Goguen, co-owner of Jim's Bike Shop.

Goguen says the demand for bikes has increased throughout the pandemic.

He says they are hard at work to make repairs to dozens of bikes.

"I'm working 'til almost midnight every night to make sure we get all these bikes done," Goguen said. "We're doing our best to get bikes in and out as fast as we can."

The causeway closure is expected to end this October, but as the summer months are approaching

Some may choose the cycling route, which Brocke says allows for more time to spend at home, and less on the road.

"My wife and I have three small children, so the more time I can spend with them, the better," Brocke said.

Brocke is encouraging others who are looking to shorten their commute to do the same.