A number of fishing boats remain tied up in Woods Harbour, N.S. as fisherman protest the price of lobster.

The president of the 1688 Professional Lobster Fishermen Association says the fishermen in Shelburne County are asking for $5.50 per pound for the rest of the season.

James Mood says fishermen won't be able to survive after the price dropped to $5 per pound last week.

An emergency meeting was held Thursday night and the group voted unanimously to shut down the industry until the price increases.

"I said ‘listen, you got 48 hours to go out, do what you have to do with your gear and Thursday night at 12 o'clock, this industry has to be shut down,'" Mood told fellow fishermen earlier this week. "No fishing. You tie your boats to the wharf, not more fishing for lobster."

CTV News spoke to several dealers who declined to speak publicly about the dispute, but they did question some of the information that is being circulated by the fishermen's association.

One of the fishermen who tied up his boat told CTV News he's nervous about how long the boycott might last, but says the group is committed to trying to get a fair price.