Some say it's a sign of respect and perhaps the beginning of something larger.

The Ecology Action Centre in the north end of Halifax has started to refer to the city by its original Mi’kmaq name, K’jipuktuk.

It’s roughly pronounced “che-book-took.”

News releases from the centre include the name “Halifax” in brackets.

Some think it’s entirely appropriate; others don't agree with the move.

“Doesn't seem like a very good way to acknowledge them,” one woman told CTV News.

But Catherine Abreu with The Ecology Action Centre says it is.

“It's my attempt to acknowledge that we are sharing this territory with the Mi’kmaq, and it's not ours, it's not something that belongs to us, it's something that has been settled,” says Abreu.

Recognition of Aboriginal peoples has been taking place in other parts of Canada, especially out west.

Halifax councilor Waye Mason says although there is no talk about changing Halifax’s name, there are ideas to honour the Mi’kmaq.

“There's discussions happening with the Mi’kmaq assembly, there's discussions of having the assembly in the old library, there's discussions of having a Mi’kmaq statue, that's been in the plan for some time around Point Pleasant Park," says Mason.

Mason also says recent discussions of the negative impact of European settlement over the centuries have sparked discussion of a more respectful and restorative community conversation with aboriginal peoples. 

With files from CTV’s Ron Shaw.