They say lightning doesn’t strike twice, but one lucky New Brunswick family has busted that myth.

Evangeline Richard is New Brunswick’s newest millionaire, following in the footsteps of her children who won a $1-million lottery in December.

Richard says her secret is consistency.

“On Wednesday and Saturday, every week,” says the 86-year-old Dieppe resident.

Richard has been buying lotto tickets regularly for 30 years. She says she plans to keep her winnings in the family.

“To my kids first and me after, because I am old,” says Richard.

Two of her children won $1 million on a 6/49 draw on Nov. 27 and claimed the prize in December.

Based on the number of entries, the odds of winning the Nov. 27 draw were 1 in 5.7 million.

On April 9, Richard’s odds were slightly better at 1 in 5.2 million.

Denise Richard of Saint Phillippe, N.B. and her brother Roger say their mother will put the money to good use.

“She doesn’t drive, so maybe take her to the casino,” suggests Roger Richard. “She likes the casino.”

Atlantic Lottery officials say the odds of having two winners in one family are astronomical.

“Well, I have been here almost eleven years and I have yet to see that happen here,” says Carla Bourque.

Richard says the lottery win was a nice surprise following the death of her son, who passed away from cancer on Christmas Day, although she would trade any amount of money to get him back.

“Christmas Day, and five days after, it was my birthday,” says Richard.

“We would trade both millions to get him back,” says her son.

The Richard family says that, even with a $2-million win in five months, they plan to continue buying lottery tickets.

With files from CTV Atlantic's David Bell