The tale of Maggie the Dog, a one-year-old pup in need of an amputation, has captivated the region, with Maritimers anxiously awaiting an update on her condition.

Last week, CTV News was contacted about a dog that had been rescued and was in need of a double amputation and money to fund the surgery.

Nicole Thebeau, who rescues animals in New Brunswick’s Kent County, was responding to a call of two neglected dogs about a week ago, when a third dog, Maggie, appeared.

“My friend said, ‘oh my god, look at your left,’” she says, “and there was this dog coming to my left and she was dragging herself on her chest, pretty much on her front leg trying to come to us.”

Maggie was taken to the Riverview Animal Hospital where it was confirmed the injuries were fresh.

“Her eyes were just pleading for help,” says Thebeau. “You could tell that she was in real pain. Her front leg was broken and her back leg wasn't functioning.”

Thebeau thinks Maggie was hit by a car. She feels if the dog had received immediate care her legs could have been saved. The veterinarian said the wounds were up to two weeks old.

“The muscles had seized, the kneecap had moved and she was in immense pain, even under anesthetic, they were trying to move her leg and she was, you could tell she was in pain,” says Thebeau.

Maggie is recovering well after the surgery and Thebeau says she is doing better than could be expected.

Most of the cost of the operation was covered by donations, however, Maggie’s bills will continue to pile up, as she recovers and heads back to the animal hospital for a second operation. The Kent County Animal Rescue, a non-profit organization, say they welcome more public help.

Maggie’s next surgery won't happen for another three or four weeks and, after that, Thebeau says the dog will need a wheelchair to help her get around.

“If I don't get her a wheelchair, or some kind of support, and if she uses those two legs at all times, she's going to get into trouble with arthritis and all kinds of stuff on those two legs,” says Thebeau.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Jonathan MacInnis