HALIFAX -- A Halifax police officer was struck in the head with a rock on Sunday after chasing a driver who refused to stop his vehicle.

Investigators say the incident happened at about 10:50 p.m. after the car wouldn't stop at the Windsor Street exchange in the city.

They say the car kept driving for several blocks in the city's west end until the driver abandoned the vehicle and took off on foot.

Police say the officer pursued the driver and was trying to make an arrest in a backyard when she was struck in the face with a rock, suffering minor injuries.

The driver then fled the area, however, police say that with the assistance of a police dog, he was found at a nearby residence where he was arrested.

A Dartmouth man is facing 14 charges stemming from the incident.

Emanuel Jasmaine Downey, 25, is facing charges of evading police, assaulting police with a weapon and being unlawfully in a dwelling; as well as two counts each of resisting arrest and breach of recognizance; and seven counts of breach of probation.