KENTVILLE, N.S. - Amy Graves believes her brother's death wasn't just an accident -- and now police in Nova Scotia share her belief.

R-C-M-P said yesterday they had charged a 22-year-old man with criminal negligence causing the death last March of Joshua Graves.

It's been nearly a year since the case was declared an accidental death due to an overdose of a prescription painkiller.

Police say Kyle Fredericks of Kentville is also charged with trafficking in hydromorphone.

That's the generic name for the controlled substance also known as Dilaudid.

Amy Graves says she felt a great sense of relief when she heard about the charges.

She filed a complaint in November accusing the Mounties of failing to properly investigate her brother's death after a house party in Berwick.

Her complaint alleged police did not question anyone at the party even though some of the party-goers were believed to be taking illicit drugs.

Fredericks is due in court on April 2nd.