PORT HOWE NOVA SCOTIA -- A man was killed Wednesday in Nova Scotia when a fire truck spun out of control and crashed into three vehicles while it was driving to another accident scene.

RCMP say the vehicle from the Pugwash fire department was en route to a rollover accident in the community of Linden, N.S., when it came upon the accident scene.

One vehicle was off the road on Highway 6 about 40 kilometres east of Amherst and two other vehicles were parked at the side attempting to provide assistance.

Investigators say the fire department vehicle went out of control and collided with all three vehicles, sending them into the ditch.

Police say that of the eight people associated with the three vehicles, two men were transported to the hospital with injuries.

One of the men later died as a result of his injuries, and the second man was treated and later released.

RCMP Sgt. Allan Carroll said that freezing rain played a role in the accident, but there will be an investigation into other possible causes.

He said police from the Cumberland County detachment responded to about 10 accidents over the course of two hours in the afternoon as roads became icy.

"The roads became very icy and at the scene of the accident it became very difficult for some of the first responders to even maintain their footing," said Carroll.