Yellow tape is up on a dirt road near a gravel pit where shots were fired Saturday night, hitting a man who was in a camper nearby.

“The investigation has led us to believe that he was in a camper parked next to the speedway in Geary and that people were target practicing further down,” says Julie Rogers-Marsh with the RCMP.

“We had heard somebody shooting over the field next to the campground here or the camping area,” says witness Corrie Oblenenis. “Didn’t think too much of it then my friend and I went in her trailer to play cards and heard some people screaming and went over and there was a lady who said her son has been shot.”

Oblenenis and her friend called 911 and entered the trailer where the man was.

“I helped him, helped stop the bleeding to his wounds,” she says.

The campground sits next to Speedworld 660 where hundreds of people were attending the evening races the same night of the shooting. 

“It’s a fairly common occurrence that some of the, I assume local residents go in there and should be familiar with the area and shooting in a gravel pit in a mound of earth or something,” says Speedway 660 owner Max Roy. “But somehow a couple of the shots got away from them and unfortunately struck this gentleman who was resting in his camper.

Roy says since the races were already underway, emergency responders were close by to assist.

“As unfortunate as it is to have something like that happen, it’s fortunate that it did happen here at the Speedway,” he says. “We have a fully equipped emergency response team on site here at all times and they were on the scene immediately and able to look after him until he could be transported to the provincial ambulance.”

Roy says people have been using the gravel pit for target shooting for years, but he expects that will come to an abrupt end.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Ashley Blackford.