HALIFAX -- A man who was stabbed in a popular Halifax park early Saturday morning is now facing charges of assault, theft and forcible confinement, after allegedly choking a woman and holding her captive, police said Sunday.

The woman was initially taken into custody shortly after the incident, but she has since been released after officers discovered she was acting in self-defence.

"They determined he was the dominant aggressor in the situation," said staff Sgt. Greg Robertson of the Halifax Regional Police.

"As a result of them interviewing everybody, she's not facing any criminal charges."

Robertson said the man, 27, and the woman, 25, were camping in Point Pleasant Park when the altercation happened. He said the woman tried to leave but the man didn't let her.

The man is accused of choking the woman and taking her cellphone, Robertson said.

The woman allegedly stabbed the man and ran away from the tent, he said, adding that there were two others with them who witnessed the incident and called 911.

The man who was stabbed was treated in hospital for non-life-threatening injuries, Robertson said, and the woman was also treated for injuries by emergency services.

Police arrested the woman just over an hour later, but released her Saturday night following an investigation.

"There are times where people are arrested because we can't determine who the aggressor is in a situation," said Robertson.

"If both people have injuries you don't really know what you have at the time. So everyone deserves the right to caution, to investigate it and find out what happened."

The man had a bail hearing Sunday afternoon and has been released from custody with conditions.

He will appear in court at a later date.