A video of a dance routine filmed at Peggys Cove, N.S. is making waves on social media.

Davinder Singh and Kunwardeep Singh aren’t related, but they share the same last name and a love for Bhangra dancing – a traditional Indian folk dance as lively as the music.

“It is so joyful. You feel so energetic when doing it,” says Kunwardeep.

Davinder and Kunwardeep started the Maritime Bhangra Group after moving from India to Halifax to attend university. They make fun videos of choreographed moves in different spots across the Maritimes and share them on Facebook.

Their most recent video is earning them lots of attention, with more than 200,000 Facebook views in just four days.

“It has been outstanding. People from all countries, all races, all religions, they are relating themselves to the dance because of the smiles we have on our faces and the dance moves we did and especially the locations,” says Kunwardeep.

“We never thought people would relate to the video in such a way,” says Hasmeet Singh, who wasn’t in the video, but is a member of the dance group. “Someone shared the video and said it gives me hope in my life.”

Hasmeet says the overwhelmingly positive reaction to the video is breaking down barriers and stereotypes they have experienced as Sikh men.

“We get that awkward stare from so many people. They don’t say anything to us, but, you know, we just feel there is a need for us to educate them,” says Hasmeet.

They say strangers are now coming to them, asking to learn the steps, so now they’re busy fielding calls and planning the location for their next dance video.

“It is these little things like your culture, your dance, that keeps you home, away from home,” says Kunwardeep. “That’s the main reason.”

With files from CTV Atlantic's Kelland Sundahl