HALIFAX -- Maritime performers are uniting to entertain you with an online concert.

The Quarantine Ceilidh with Ashley MacIsaac and Friends will take place on April 1 at 8:30 p.m.

“People are going to love it,” says MacIsaac, a well-known fiddler from Cape Breton.

“People from the Maritimes will of course recognize Brett and Maynard, from their comedy routines over the years, and I was so fortunate to have George Canyon instantly agree to be on it, my sister’s group Madison Violet is on it, there are some other folks from Cape Breton that are all invited, and of course myself.”

MacIsaac says the ceilidh is a ticketed concert and viewers can go to his website AshleyMacIsaac.com for ticket information.

“The whole idea is, if you’re going to go out to see me perform at a show anywhere, you might pay anywhere from $10 to, certain places people pay $100 for a ticket for me. For $6 we are putting on a great performance for you.”

When he’s not planning the ceilidh, MacIsaac is keeping himself entertained by playing card games.

“One of my favourite things to do is play cribbage. I play a lot of cribbage,” says MacIsaac.

“People don’t know this but I was the crib champion in Inverness County when I was 14.”

MacIsaac says he has everything he needs to ride out the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Of course, I also have my, I call this my Cape Breton COVID package, you need to have a bingo marker and you have to have a roll of toilet paper. So I’m all set.”