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Maritime singer pulls off surprise performance with Keith Urban at YQM


Jeff Broussard travelled to the YQM Country Music Festival on the weekend, with a chance to see Keith Urban, who is one of his favourite music stars.

“It was the first time for me to see him live,” said Broussard. “He’s a superstar and he’s amazing.”

Broussard‘s girlfriend made a cardboard sign, asking if her boyfriend could sing with the country music legend.

“I thought, 'he’s not going to see you,' so I just brushed it off,” said Broussard.

However, Urban saw the sign and called on Broussard to move closer to the stage.

It was then that a magical moment unfolded.

Broussard sang several verses along with Urban and the crowd went wild with excitement.

Urban also seemed surprised and clearly pleased by Broussard’s performance.

“He is somebody who has done it for so long, and played on such a huge stage for so many people,” said Broussard. “And he smiled when he heard my singing. It was a cool experience.”

Broussard’s sings in a band called Homegrown, performing in downtown Halifax.

He says he made some new fans at YQM.

“They wanted autographs and stuff, but I was like I’m good,” laughed Broussard, who added it just goes to show, something exciting can happen to anyone on any given day. Top Stories

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